Women's Ministries Devotional Book

Devotional Book Project

The Women's Ministries devotional book, a daily devotional for women by women, is a project of the Department of Women's Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The purpose is to provide spiritual growth and encouragement and to furnish funds for scholarships for women.

In 1992 Among Friends, the first annual women's devotional book, was published. Since then profits have funded scholarship to help Adventist Women obtain higher education. However, the amount of money for each division has remained the same. Presently, at least half the women seeking assistance are turned down. With your help we can change more lives!

Submissions are being accepted now for the 2017 devotional book. The theme for this edition is Walking in the Spirit and the devotionals will be organized around monthly topics based on the theme passage of Galatians 5:16-26. Your submissions should fit into one of the following categories:

January–Walking in the Spirit

February–Victory in the Spirit

March–Walking in Love

April–Walking in Joy

May–Walking in Peace

June–Walking in Long-suffering/Patience

July–Walking in Kindness

August–Walking in Goodness

September–Walking in Faith/Faithfulness

October–Walking in Gentleness/Meekness

November–Walking in Self-Control

December–Living in the Spirit





2014 WM Devotional Book

A good health habit is doing daily breathing exercises: fast, aerobic breaths and slow, deep-centered breaths. Another beneficial habit is daily reading of God’s Word. We suggest reading today’s devotional while doing deep breathing. This habit flushes out toxic mind chatter while infusing the heart with divine inspiration.

Breathe, the women’s daily devotional for 2014, is now available at your local Adventist Book Center. Your purchase of the women’s devotional directly funds scholarships to help Adventist women around the world obtain higher education.

To order online, go to or

 The God-inspired devotional book project began in 1992 as a one-time idea to raise funds for Women’s Ministries scholarships, but that book was so well received, and so many blessings flowed from it, that the books just kept coming—and kept blessing. Not only are book readers blessed, but every writer and scholarship recipient is blessed. And blessings continue through the service these amazing women provide.

 You can give a blessing.

  • Buy a book for yourself.
  • Buy extra copies; they make wonderful gifts.
  • Write a devotional to be included in a future book.
  • Apply for Women’s Ministries scholarship.
  • Tell a deserving woman how to apply for Women’s Ministries scholarship.
  • Make a financial contribution to the scholarship fund.

The devotional book is a blessing in at least three ways:  the women who write for it are greatly blessed; the women who read the book receive a spiritual blessing (making this the perfect gift for any woman in your life); and the women who receive the scholarships receive a life-changing blessing.  You may become part of this by buying and sharing the books; by writing a devotional (guidelines available below, or by writing to GCWM at the address on the back of Mosiac; or by either applying for a scholarship yourself or helping someone else access this blessing.  You can get information from your Women's Ministries director or from our WM website under "Resources/Devotional Book".


About Your Contributions

We solicit contributions from women on a wide variety of spiritual topics.  Each must be from a personal experience of God’s presence in the life of a woman, or how those experiences apply to women’s lives. Please, no sermons or doctrinal studies. This book will be marketed to Christians of all denominations; therefore, terminology should be used that can be understood by all Christians.  We encourage global participation, with a varied cultural and ethnic flavor.

Those who contribute to this project do so agreeing that all royalties of the devotional books will go to the General Conference Women’s Ministries Scholarship Fund.  They further agree that they will receive no payment for any contributions submitted or accepted for publication. However, each author will receive a complimentary copy of the book from the Review and Herald as well as an author’s discount on additional books.

Authors are encouraged to submit no more than two devotionals in any one year.  Please do not submit a devotional a second time. If you have been notified that a devotional has not been accepted, please do not resubmit it unless significant changes have been made. All submissions become the property of the General Conference Women’s Ministries Department. Unused manuscripts cannot be returned.

If your devotional has been published in another publication, you must notify us of that. If your submission is accepted, it cannot be used in another publication without written permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.


Review and Herald
Book Division
55 West Oak Ridge Drive
Hagerstown, MD 21740


THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS October 1 of each year for the book published three years later, but submissions are accepted at any time.

Click here for Devotional Book Guidelines brochure.

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Format Guidelines

The Devotional should be:

In English

Typed, paragraphs indented

1.5 spacing

Between 375 and 425 words (longer is better than shorter)

At the end of your submission:



Phone Number

E-mail address

No poems will be accepted. Pseudonyms are not permitted. If you quote from another source, please include written permission to use the quoted material.

Biographical Sketch

Please include two lines of biographical sketch about yourself. You may include information such as state or country where you live, occupation, church or civic involvement, other articles/books published, hobbies, personal accomplishments.

How do you want your name to appear in the book? Please be certain your name appears in exactly the same form in all places in your submission and biographical sketch.


Notify us of Any Changes

If your name, address, or biographical sketch changes before your submission is printed, please notify us promptly!


How to Submit

Your devotional may be submitted in one of the following ways:

1.  By e-mail:

Submit your devotionals to:

You will get a preliminary notice by e-mail that your submission has been received. Please do NOT send the devotional also by hard copy or fax unless you don't receive our e-mail. If so, clearly mark the fax or paper submission as the COPY of your email entry.

2.  By mail:

Submit your devotional on a computer disk saved in Word format; include a printed, hard copy. Please name your file(s) with your last name and devotional title as follows: lastname-title

Or, you may mail a typed copy. Our mailing address is:

GC Women's Ministries Devotional Book

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600

3.  By fax: (301) 680-6600

When you mail or fax a devotional, you will receive a letter by mail to let you know that your submission has been received. This will usually be sent within two weeks.

If your devotional has been previously published, you must notify us of that. If your submission is accepted, it cannot be used in another publication without written permission from the Review and Herald.

To download a .pdf of the Devotional Book guidelines, click here.


Notification to Authors

You will be notified by mail whether or not the devotionals you submitted will be published, rejected, or held for a future year's devotional book. Due to editing and publishing schedules, your submission may not appear in a devotional book until at least two years after we have received it.



From Scholarship Recipients:

I would like to show my deep and sincere appreciation to you for extending to me your arm of fellowship through your scholarship program and to all the women...who have contributed their time and resouce toward helping the less priveleged like me. It is my sincere prayer that one day I will be part of the contributors of this scholarship program. My prayer also is that the Lord Jesus whom we all serve will reward you bountifully and you will know no lack in Jesus name. - Nigeria

At first I would like to thank our almighty God because He has given me a nice opportunity to continue my study. I am so happy becuase of your helping hand. - Bangladesh

I want to thank the Department of Women's Ministries for the financial help, and hope the Lord will continue to bless you so you can bless other female students. Your letter congratulation me on this scholarship gave me so much hope. This money came when I had nowhere to turn for my next dollar - USA

I still remember when I applied for the Women's Ministries Scholarship program....With many prayers, I waited. One week later I got the answer: five applicants were accepted. Mine was one of them. What a blessing for someone in need! What a miracle for someone in prayer! --Peru

Quotes about the Book

I have enjoyed and appreciated each book in this project throughout the years! They furnish minutes and hours of joy! —NAD

Thank you for all you do to help create this beautiful book each year....May God bless you for the way these books touch the hearts and spirits of so many women.—TED

I'm having a great time using the devotional books as gifts. One woman to whom I gave a copy of the latest book at Christmas has just purchased 8 of them herself to use as gifts - all for non-church members, by the way. I'm so grateful that the tenor of the books is "spiritual" rather than "religious" so we can use it so effectively in this manner. —NAD

God bless you all as you bring comfort and encouragement to the women of the world.—SPD

It is a privilege to contribute to a book that is so encouraging and such a benefit to others....I am happy to be a small part of contributing to the scholarships for young women in need. May the dear Lord continue to bless you and your staff in the fine work you're doing.— NAD

How You Can Help

  1. Continue to submit material for the devotional book.
  2. Share your devotional Book Guidelines with other women and encourage your friends who write to submit to the devotional book.
  3. Give our website address to another woman interested in writing so she can refer to our Devotional Book Guidelines.
  4. Buy devotional books for yourself and family and friends, too. They make excellent birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas gifts for any woman and are greatly appreciated as hostess and thank-you gifts.
  5. Make sure your church is aware of the books and scholarships.